New Flexible Ticketing by Flybe

New Flexible Ticketing by Flybe

One of the United Kingdom’s top regional airlines, Flybe, is making some changes. They are going to become the first airline in the area to offer an option to purchase airline tickets that can be changed, which is called Flybe Flex ticket option. You can choose this option when you buy the tickets and it offers a discounted rate when you purchase the changeable ticket option.

This is a great idea because the world is a busy place and plans can change quite quickly. Flybe Flex is available from Flybe airline when you purchase your ticket initially. This saves the consumer a bunch of money because they will not be required to pay the £35 flight change fee that is normally charged by the airline. Those customers who have flight plans change often can pay an upfront fee of £9.99* to cover any future changes to each trip. The £9.99 fee is a per person charge and is dependent upon several factors such as advance booking and fare price changes. By paying this minimal fee upfront, they can rest easily that any changes will not break the bank because they have already been covered in the ticket price.

Flybe offers Essentials booking, which is a basic ticket for air travel. By adding the Flybe Flex option to the basic ticket, travellers can travel on a budget without worrying about having to pay extravagant fees to make unforeseen travel changes. This adjustment to airline policies allows more peace and less worry for customers of Flybe, which is why it is a leading airline in the region.
Simon Lilley, the Director of Marketing for Flybe, thinks this is a wonderful new product for customers because it gives them all the peace of mind and none of the worry when booking flight plans. When scheduling plans for business or pleasure, there is more flexibility, which makes confirming plans much better because you never know when things might change. This is the second product this airline has introduced this month. The first is called Price Lock Down, an option that gives customers 24 hours to hold their reservation before booking for a small service fee.

The Flybe Flex program is a good option for travellers who need open ended return tickets as well as those who travel for business purposes whose travel plans vary greatly from day to day. This is also great for people who plan vacations many months up to a couple years in advance because when scheduling anything that far in advance, many factors can cause travellers to make a change while still taking advantage of good prices for advance bookings. Flybe has answered the need of travellers who are tired of paying change fees whenever they make a change to their trip itinerary. Flybe Flex offers changes to dates, times and even destinations for free to customers who take advantage of the new program by this leading airline in the UK. Book your flights on the official Flybe website or alternatively head to‎ to find the lowest prices on Flybe flights.

*Only available for Flybe UK Essential bookings and excludes those flights operated by Loganair or Flybe Finland, which are both franchise partners of Flybe UK.