Motor Events That Every Car-Lover Needs To See At Least Once

Motor Events That Every Car-Lover Needs To See At Least Once

Are you tired of watching motor sports and events from in-front of your TV screen? It’s totally understandable. The experience is just not the same unless you’re there with the racers and the crowds. But which events should you plan to see in the future (with your friends and family, of course)? There are some amazing races out there; it’s hard to choose just a few, but here’s a selection of some every car-lover should see at least once:

Pikes Peak
Otherwise known as ‘The Race to the Clouds’ (and with good reason), Pikes Peak International Hill Climb runs over almost 20 km, has 156 turns, and involves a giant 1,440 m climb to the summit. This is a great race, and yet it’s largely unknown! There are more than 200 competitors each year, in a variety of categories, including trucks and motorbikes - it’s completely worth the trip to Colorado.

Gumball 3,000
Gumball 3,000 is not just a rally; it’s an investment. It’s a 3,000 mile international stint, which takes place along public roads.To enter the race, you need to lay down £30,000 and have a car that brings something unique to the race. Don’t worry! Viewers don’t have to pay that extortionate price - you can just enjoy watching the ride. Make sure that the Gumball 3,000 is going passed somewhere near you.

Bathurst 1,000
Downside: you will have to travel to Australia, which can be expensive. Upside: you get to see fantastic racing in a one-of-a-kind arena. We’re talking steep drops, sharp corners, and Australian beer. This legendary race is not to be missed for any motor-lover.

Le Mans
One of the oldest races out there, Le Mans is 24 hours of pure endurance. Held in France, you can drive over there yourself; take your friends and make a holiday of it (just be sure not to break down on the way!). Spur each other on through the night, with fellow petrolheads, and you’ll truly be glad you made the journey.

The Paris-Dakar
There’s something extremely dramatic about cars rallying in the baking sun, kicking up sand behind their wheels. Don’t let the name confuse you - it’s not in either Paris or Dakar, but South America! It’s really not for the faint-hearted. It’s a harsh endurance race that spans over no less than 500 miles per day. The terrain is rough, and the drivers have to made of hard stuff too to complete this race.

Grand Prix
This list wouldn’t be complete without the Big Daddy of racing, The Grand Prix. See all the best in racing go head-to-head (or wheel-to-wheel) and marvel at the best machines technology has to offer. The Grand Prix is one race that you attend just to say that you’ve ticked it off your bucket list. It may be massive, but you have to experience this epic clash of titans for yourself.