Luxury Holidays in Costa Adeje

Luxury Holidays in Costa Adeje

Costa Adeje is a coastal resort on the south coast of Tenerife. As a luxury holiday resort, it is best known for combining the best of both worlds – it is situated close enough to the party scene within the Canary Islands to really come alive at night, but it is situated far away enough to allow holidaymakers to enjoy a peaceful and deeply relaxing night’s sleep, as well as a calm break, free from other parts of the island, which are so often dominated by a younger and rowdier crowd.

For those in need of luxury Tenerife holidays, Costa Adeje might be the place to go. Tenerife possesses an unmatched beauty and a climate that nobody deserves to miss out on. The problem has come with the idea that a holiday in Tenerife goes hand in hand with all night bars and a younger crowd that makes family holidays/trips for the older generation an absolute no-no.

Actually, Costa Adeje in the newest and most recently constructed resort in the area of Playa de las Americas, and has taken major efforts to re-brand what it’s all about. There are a number of significant differences that place it apart from some of the older resorts on the island. If you ask most tour guides, they’ll tell you that Costa Adeje differs in the sense that it is a lot more expensive, with a great deal more 4 and 5 star hotels, and with a much more family-orientated feel.

For a luxury holiday in Tenerife, it has certainly become the wisest option. Some of the hotels that have been developed across the resort have been specifically designed for a luxurious and relaxing break – and as long as you have a little money in your bank account, you shouldn’t be disappointed. Take, for example, the amazing Gran Hotel Bahia Del Duque. This luxurious residential complex possesses colonial style influences, 40 villas, spa and uniformed staff. This is the perfect place to put your feet up and be treated in a beautiful location, for the period of time that you desire.

The Costa Adeje is a highly sophisticated part of the island. As well as a wide variety of luxury 5-star hotels, visitors will also be pleasantly surprised with the large number of high-quality restaurants serving local and international cuisine, some blue-flag beaches, the island’s most prized golf courses and a water-park if you’re travelling as a family. In addition to this, visitors will find a high number of boutiques, bars and cafes in and around the commercial centre.

The island is a fantastically scenic place, boasting a large number of beautifully placed sea-cliffs, the highest mountain in the Canary Islands, “Mount Teide”, and a number of golden-sand beaches and volcanic black-sand beaches. For tourists, the appeal – when not interested in the notorious nightlife – comes from the distinctly European culture, involving a wide number of carnivals, festivals and fiestas.