Little Tips on Starting a Business in Paris

Little Tips on Starting a Business in Paris

You’ve made the exciting decision of starting your own business in Paris. As overwhelming as it might seem, here are a few tips to get you through some of the tough days.

Location, location, location
With Paris being a densely populated city and a great tourist attraction, you can be assured that you will always have a regular or seasonal client base. The trick is to find the perfect place. Don’t just rely on a real estate agent though, pound the pavement and knock on the doors in the area you would like your business to be in. You never know who will open that door.

Red Tape
With all the paperwork that is required to start a business in France, you should hire a trusted lawyer and accountant - which you will need anyway as France requires you to have one. It will save you grey hairs and headaches as the French are very particular about all rules that need to be followed; so rather do it right the first time around.

Market Research
Market research forces an entrepreneur to gain perspective and having it done is very important. The French are known to be very loyal; once they find something they like, they stick to it. Market research will aid in finding out what need is not being met which in turn will help you meet that need.

Chambre de Commerce et D’Industrie de Paris
This is the best place to go when starting out. There are files available in French and English that can help with the setting up and running of your business. Moreover, you will find out about getting your business permit and how to register with the Registre de Commerce. It’s like your one stop shop.