Just The Flight Launches Redesigned Website As Final Nail In Google Panda Coffin

Just The Flight Launches Redesigned Website As Final Nail In Google Panda Coffin

Just The Flight’s new redesign is part of a broader web strategy focused on delivering unrivaled user experience in the flight industry after the gloom caused by the Google Panda algorithm.

Just The Flight today launched an exciting new redesigned website to provide the ultimate user experience. Navigation and functionality has been improved throughout, while reflecting the company’s revitalised web strategy and brand.

In February 2011 Google released a major algorithm update that significantly impacted Just The Flight and a number of travel websites, reducing their visibility in the Google search results and traffic by up to 80%. The Google algorithm named ‘Panda’ was introduced to improve the search results for users by lowering the visibility of lower value ‘thin’ content, while rewarding higher value, more useful websites that offer a better user experience.

The introduction of the Google Panda algorithm forced Just The Flight to re-think their web strategy and focus on the user. The website was audited and a period of consolidation by improving or removing existing content was undertaken, removing up to 50% of the website. The lower quality content was slowly replaced with original, engaging new content items highly focused on provided the user with travel information and data they crave.

The radical changes to both the core business and website meant Just The Flight experienced recovery from the Google Panda algorithm as visibility and traffic returned. The drive towards really understanding their users’ needs and delivering it, in part initiated by Panda has not stopped there, the latest redesign is again focused on providing the best experience for their audience.

“Just The Flight is very excited to announce the new redesign, which highlights our on-going commitment to delighting our customers and users” said Mark Byart, Director of Internet at Just The Flight.

“Google Panda certainly made us stop and think again about our web and content strategy. Our site had a lot of ‘bloat’, it was too big and the quality of content and user experience was just not high enough. The huge changes we made have had a dramatic impact and the latest redesign is another huge leap forward for the brand” added Byart.

The innovative new Just The Flight design by Deep Blue Sky can be seen by visiting their website www.justtheflight.co.uk