IATA launches NDC and Jet Messaging is ready with C# libraries for easy implementation

IATA launches NDC and Jet Messaging is ready with C# libraries for easy implementation

Following the recent launch of the full end-to-end XML schemas for IATA’s NDC program, Jet Messaging is ready to support every .NET development effort in taking advantage of this new airline distribution and booking system.

While NDC allows airlines to sell basic seats to both travel agents and aggregators directly, it also provides the flexibility for them to include branded and itinerary-priced offers, with or without additional services. In particular, ancillary revenue from services such as prepaid baggage and upgraded seating was estimated to be almost $50 billion in 2014, up over 270% from five years ago.

Using IATA’s NDC Release Candidate (v1.1), Jet Messaging has generated a complete JMT Library, representing the full schema landscape of over 1700 data types. Designing applications and infrastructure around a new XML-based standard requires time to understand the schema, and often involves significant trial and error during implementation, especially in the validation of message syntax. With ready-to-use C# DLLs, Jet Messaging can help the travel industry adopt this new IATA NDC standard quickly.

Unlike other automated code generation tools, JMT produces comprehensive libraries that can be used by software developers to create rich, interactive mobile and web service applications. These JMT Libraries faithfully represent the full XML schema definition, including;
- Embedded schema documentation that provides context for how and when to use the various types
- Full support of Intellisense to display Schema documentation at coding time
- Built-in validation for all data values
- Full representation of complex sets of sequences, collections, extensions, and restrictions

Eric Lehmann, CEO of Jet Messaging, said: “Jet Messaging has bridged the gap between IATA and .NET developers who wish to take advantage of the NDC schema set for airline merchandising. Through intelligent code generation, JMT Libraries provide embedded documentation and syntax validation, which are updated with each new schema release. We provide software developers the tools to help themselves.”

The DLL can be referenced just like any other library within Visual Studio and enables the rapid development of travel applications. Like all JMT Libraries, this is a powerful tool for the developer community, providing the ability to engage with new schemas and obtain very real project level benefits.

A special release library which does not provide deserialization support is available directly from jet-messaging.com.

The full commercial product is available in the Jet Messaging online store at componentsource.com, and requires the purchase of a license key after a 30 day evaluation period.

Further C# libraries are available for the HTNG, OpenTravel, OTDS and ISO20022 schema definitions. Java library versions will be released during 2015. Jet Messaging will also generate libraries directly from your company’s own custom XML schemas.

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