How to Stay Active When You are Traveling

How to Stay Active When You are Traveling

I stay pretty fit when I’m home. I’ve got my whole routine laid out. I have my favorite gym just 5 blocks away. I get to go to the dog park every day and run around with my Schnauzer. I’ve got my bike hanging on the wall, and it carries me to most of the errands I have to do on a daily basis. But I also like to travel. When I’m out of town or overseas, my physical activity schedule goes out the window. Sure, I get to walk a lot, but for awhile I wasn’t able to maintain the same level of physical activity I enjoy while I’m at home. Ever since I made travel a big part of my life, I had to find a way to make it work. Here are three of the best ways I have found to stay fit while you are away from home.

1) Sign up for a National Gym Membership. This made all the difference for me. There are a bunch of national chain gyms that will let you sign up to work out wherever in the country you find yourself. This is best designed for people who stick to one country, as the international gym options are pretty limited (though they do exist if you look around). These are made mainly for business travelers, but they also get used by people who tour and people who travel for pleasure. Whatever your reason for being all over the country all the time, take advantage of a national gym membership, and you’ll be able to make gains while you are on the road.

2) Pick Physically Demanding Destinations. Traveling within your own national borders is one of the best ways to save money while still getting away from home. If you live in America like me there are so many beautiful destinations that are affordable while still making you work up a sweat. I love hiking and playing golf. One of my best getaways was to Bird Golf, one of the best golf schools in Arizona. I was able to shave some strokes off my game, while enjoying the natural beauty of Arizona (something VERY different from how things look back home). I’ve also taken some time in the Grand Tetons, Niagara Falls State Park, and some beautiful land right outside Yellowstone Park. Whatever you like about your country, there are scenic places to run, climb, and explore.

3) Become an Early Riser and a Runner. Not everybody loves to run. Some people seem born for it, but others (like me) really hate it. However, having traveled with lots of different kinds of people, the folks who stay fit for the least amount of money are those who just run around wherever they wake up. I’m thinking of one friend in particular who, no matter where we travel, wakes up at 6 AM, throws on some shorts, and runs around while I’m in bed hitting snooze. This is the simplest way to exercise and the best. Think about running as the way to stay fit without spending a dime.

There are obviously other ways people exercise on the go, but these are the most reliable for me. Feel free to use these ideas and develop your own. Health and fitness are their own rewards, so however you get there, they are great goals to have.