How to avoid holiday nightmares

How to avoid holiday nightmares

It’s easy to be seduced by holiday deals; you see an affordable rate for a hotel or flight which seems too good to be true. The photos of the accommodation look clean and modern but when you arrive at your destination, it doesn’t live up to your expectations. Often if something seems too good to be true, it is.

So how can you get the best out of a holiday whilst avoiding a holiday nightmare?

Make a checklist
The first thing to do is make a checklist; you do not want to get to the airport just to realise you cannot board the plane because you have left your passport at home. Planning is essential to make any trip less stressful, so make a check list of all the most important items such as medication, passport and travel information and tickets.

Be prepared for emergencies
You can travel to the most wonderful destinations in the world and still have things go wrong, so be prepared. Let your family and friends know about your trip and how you can be contacted in case of emergencies. Remember to take along medications and find out contact information for the nearest GP and hospital as soon as you get to your destination.

Be sure that you are aware of what holiday compensation your insurance provider offers so that in a case of emergency you obtain all the documents and evidence you need.

Make sure that you have had all of the necessary vaccinations before you leave for your holiday. Taking vaccines can help prevent infectious diseases that are common in certain countries. Ask whether vaccines are essential, but approach travel with the mindset that it is always better to be prepared.

Make sure you have enough money
Do not begin planning your holiday before you have the money to afford it. If you are on a tight budget it will almost likely lead to other problems during the holiday such as shopping and eating out. Instead plan your holiday for some time in the future so that you have time to save money and truly enjoy yourself.

Choosing a destination
One of the most difficult parts of planning a holiday is choosing the destination. You will want to choose a location where everyone wants to go and that includes activities which will keep everyone interested. If you end up in a destination that is not to everyone’s tastes this can lead to arguments and unhappy members of the party, so consider everyone’s needs! Also scrutinise the hotels you hope to stay at. The web has made this so much easier.

Drink bottled water
Travelling to an exotic destination is fantastic; you can relax, experience stunning scenery, learn about different cultures and taste different types of cuisine. However, often the water available in these destinations is impure and can cause serious stomach illness. Stock up on bottled water once you arrive and use this for drinking and brushing your teeth to insure a sickness-free holiday.