HoteliersFriend opens offices in Dublin, Ireland! An all new representation company

HoteliersFriend opens offices in Dublin, Ireland! An all new representation company

HoteliersFriend has opened offices on the beautifully historic and mystical Emerald Isle! HoteliersFriend is a hotel representation company founded by industry professionals with more than twenty years experience: promoting hotels, resorts and vacation destinations to North America. HoteliersFriend employs a hotel-centric approach and provides world-class sales representation, marketing and promotions for independent hotels worldwide.

Through a large network of travel industry connections across North America HoteliersFriend assists hoteliers in driving more business to their hotels.
HoteliersFriend focuses on helping hotels improve their presence with wholesalers, tour operators and travel agents by offering strategic sales planning, direct trainings, web trainings, trade-show presence and marketing campaigns.

In order to maximize results for dollars spent, HoteliersFriend integrates the “still relevant” elements of traditional representation with customized marketing solutions and state-of-the-art web-based technologies.

On the hoteliers’ behalf, HoteliersFriend functions as a local extension of their hotel sales and marketing team for a fraction of the cost of full company presence.

HoteliersFriend’s service packages are all designed to offer a “more exclusive” representation that guarantees focus and dedication to the brand. HoteliersFriend tailor fits its services based on the needs of the hotel. HoteliersFriend focuses on the hotel’s objectives and works as one with the hotel sales and marketing team by presenting one message, the hotelier’s message, directly to tour operators, travel agents and corporate clients.

The CEO of HoteliersFriend, Stephen Scott, has been promoting hotels, resorts and destinations to North America for over twenty years. With that extensive background in tourism, Stephen has brought an array of knowledge, experience and success to independent hotel companies throughout the world. Many colleagues and industry professionals have recognized Stephen as a self-motivated effective hands-on leader with excellent sales and marketing skills.