Greenland - The land beyond imagination, yet unexplored

Greenland - The land beyond imagination, yet unexplored

Greenland is the largest non-continental island. It’s almost completely made up of ice with no surface below it. Greenland is the coldest inhabited place on the planet. This is interesting because the living conditions are quite hostile. Temperatures stoop down to –40 degree Celsius in the winters. 

Despite the unfavorable weather on the land mass, more than 56,000 people live here. They have built well-established cities, complete with schools and hospitals. As much as it is good for living, it is a popular tourist destination as well.

Passport and visas
Greenland is officially a part of the Kingdom of Denmark which handles its political and administrative affairs. Actually, 5 countries share territorial rights over Greenland, but it is Denmark’s authority to grant access to the Ice mass.

The Schengen area visas do not work for Greenland. Any citizen of the Nordic countries can visit Greenland, but citizens of EU member states and Switzerland would only be allowed a 90-day long visit every half a year, unless permitted otherwise. Though some Canadians might have full permissions to visit.

How to reach?
Being a comparatively remote destination, approach to Greenland travel is limited by air. Rather, you can approach it by flights only from Iceland, Canada, and Denmark. Regular flights from Copenhagen are the best bet for a traveler. Other than flights are also available from Reykjavík, which is the capital of Iceland. The 2 main airports in Greenland are Kangerlussuaq and Narsarsuaq. 

If one plans to ferry to Greenland, thanks to the difficult climate, virtually no commercial ferries are available for the same. However, a lot of cruise ships compensate for the same. That would be a much better experience. 

English isn’t quite common in Greenland. They have their own language called Greenlandic, and any new traveler is sure not to know it. The good news is that most residents understand Danish, but then again everyone doesn’t know it. You might need a Nordic friend to make your life easier there. 

Understand that the temperature could be very low in the region. It is necessary to dress and prepare accordingly. 

The current used in Greenland is Danish Krone. However, many European currencies and the American Dollar might be accepted.

In general, Greenland is the safest place on the planet, so no need to worry about crime.

What do in Greenland?
Study: Ya, I know it sounds funny, but that is actually what many people visit Greenland for. It isn’t as much about the course or the education as it is about the experience. Meeting different kind of people, developing interpersonal skills and enjoying the hospitality.
Hiking: A little different from trekking, hiking is a long stroll to feel a place. And Greenland is one really good destination for hiking. It has a lot to be seen and experienced.
Sledding: If hiking isn’t the best for you, the best transport in ice would be a dog sled. And rather, being unique to polar regions, sledding is must try on a visit to Greenland.
Kayaking: The icy cold water adds to difficulty while kayaking, and the fun too. While boats or ferries might not be the best option for the Ice Kingdom, kayaking is quite good.
Mountain Climbing: In Greenland, the mountains are made up of ice, with some exceptions. Though some training is needed, it is certainly a must try.