Green Rangers Awards and Competition – A creative project promoting sustainable eco-tourism

Green Rangers Awards and Competition – A creative project promoting sustainable eco-tourism

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has recently announced the awards results of ‘GREEN RANGERS: 7 SHADES OF GREEN Competition,’ a project aiming to promote 7 green local tourist attractions in Thailand. This competition project has selected 14 creative and young participants, who have explored and actively worked together with local communities to create a ‘2 days 1 night’ travel program and promote it via social media. This is the first project, created in collaboration between CreativeMOVE–a social innovation design agency–and TAT, with the support of Thai Airways, Hivesters and PORTFOLIOS*NET. 

The award ceremony was jointly chaired by Mr. Thanaboon Somboon, Founder of CreativeMOVE, Ms. Pataraporn Sithivanich, Executive Director, Product Promotion Department of Tourism Authority of Thailand, Mr. Boonlert Nuanlaor, Digital Social Media Department Manager of Thai Airways International Public Company Limited, and Ms. Achiraya Thamparipattra, CEO & Co-founder of Hivesters, to present the award to the winners, who have received the most votes from the public audience.

Here are the awards results:
The winner: ‘Vanillawalk Team’ – comprised of Ms. Kamonnart Ongwandee (Ung), a blogger and independent fashion designer interested in applying modern design to develop added-value local products, and Ms. Wisanee Wattanawichien (Ying), an architecture student interested in local wisdom,– has been granted with 100,000 baht, including trophies and certificates. Their work focuses on Kiriwong village, Nakhon Sri Thammarat Province.

Second place: ‘Travel Teller Team’ – Ban Namchiao, Trat Province, granted with 70,000 Baht.

Third place: ‘Pai Ngai Ma Ngai Team’ – Baan Hom Samunphrai, Chiang Mai Province, awarded with 50,000 Baht.

Consolation prize:
‘Stay Journey Team’ – Thai Elephant Home, Chiang Mai Province
‘Think Green Team’ – Umong Homestay, Lamphun Province
‘Knack Team’ – Baan Rim Klong Community Enterprise, Samut Songkram Province
‘Lay Team’ – Yao Noi Island, Phang-Nga Province.
Each of team is awarded with 10,000 Baht and certificates.

Mr. Thanaboon Somboon, Founder of CreativeMOVE and Green Rangers project initiator, addressed that Green Rangers project had been initiated aiming to promote eco-tourism and create a new model for sustainable tourist activities, which should be in line with ‘7 greens’ concept promoted by TAT. Furthermore, it also aimed to promote creative youth and new generation to engage in reviving eco-tourism, raising awareness of natural and cultural resources conservation and protection and boosting sustainable tourism. It was thus conducted as a competition event under the name ‘Seven Shades of Green.’ In the final round, we only had 7 teams selected from 160 teams. Each team had to plan and create a travel program, which should promote the conservation of environment based on the 7 Greens concepts.

All 7 local communities included in the travel programs will be further promoted through public relations and networking of online travel agencies, both domestic and international. He hoped that this activity could play a vital role in driving eco-tourism trend and generating income for local communities.

Ms. Pataraporn Sithivanich, Executive Director, Product Promotion Department of Tourism Authority of Thailand addressed that Thailand’s nature, culture and local lifestyles have attracted millions of visitors each year. Although a growing number of tourists visiting Thailand might have contributed to a rising income of local communities, but it might also lead to adverse impacts in many areas, in particular environment. Furthermore, excessive use of natural resources might pose a danger to environment and lead to degradation of tourist destinations. Hence, we needed to create travel programs that promote the conservation of environment based on the ‘7 Greens’ concept. The travel programs created under Green Rangers project can also be purchased online via This .should provide a unique opportunity for both domestic and foreign travellers to have personal encounters with local culture and lifestyles of all 7 communities. 

For media inquiry, please contact Ms. Ploypailin Pungvongsanuraks 086-391-9895