Goa sees rapid expansion in coming years

Planning your next exotic holiday? Have you considered the beautiful western coastal Indian state of Goa? Known as the Pearl of the Orient, Goa is famous for its long sandy beaches and turquoise dolphin-filled waters, but it also offers a depth of culture as well as architectural and natural beauty, making it one of the must-see places on earth.

It envisages rapid expansion in the years ahead and is currently one of the most advanced Indian states with the highest per capita income with the best socio-economic indicators. Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar foresees a 15 per cent growth rate for the state’s economy in the financial year 2013-14, now that the debts inherited from the erstwhile government were paid off in 2012.

To support its expansion, Goa is planning a number of key infrastructure projects for its economy and services. These include projects in the following areas:
·      Transport – sea and airports, and the connecting of these to the railways and roadways
·      Utilities - water, sewage and waste management
·      Employment and security – Mr Parrikar addressed businesses with the line “Help me in creating employment for locals and I will help you in earning profits”
·      Tourism and entertainment – expansion through sustainable development

With this growth, Goa will have more and more to offer tourists. The north, already a tourist hub, will no doubt grow even further having already developed a trendy reputation. The south offers unspoilt beaches, calmer resorts and some fantastically luxurious hotels, striking a great balance between indulging and experiencing traditional Goan culture.

If you’re looking for more than just beaches, Goa has lots of culture and nature, too. Places that are definitely worth going to see or experience include:
·      Hindu temples, especially outside Ponda
·      Mosques
·      Grand colonial buildings
·      Small fishing villages
·      Spice plantations
·      Sunset or moonlight river cruises
·      Wildlife sanctuaries with tigers and lions
·      Natural habitats, rivers and waterfalls where you can see elephants and monkeys
·      A variety of markets, especially Anjuna on a Wednesday and Mapusa on a Friday

Goa also boasts fabulous food, with a mix of Goan, Indian and Chinese cuisine found everywhere. The cost of living in Goa is far lower than that in the UK, so your stay will be inexpensive too.

With all this beauty and culture already on offer, as well as its future plans for expansion, Goa’s tourism trade is going to explode. Visiting now is a great opportunity to make the most of the area while there are good holiday deals to be found.

Could investigating Goa holidays be tempting for your next travel plans? If you fancy an exotic holiday at a low cost and with warmth and sunshine on offer all year round, why wait?