Getting Off the Beaten Path in Europe

Getting Off the Beaten Path in Europe

Whether you are hoping to enjoy Europe as a native or a visitor, this massive continent has a lot that you likely have not seen. Even for lifelong citizens of Europe, our lives tend to follow predictable paths, ones that wear into our experience like a stream of water into a rock. It’s not a bad thing. But that’s why it’s special to change things up, too see a different side of life. But standard tourist packages take vacationers to the same old places. This way, vacation doesn’t become so much a new experience as an expensive one. For people longing for a new way to see Europe, there are a few ways that are sure to work, and are sure to help you avoid the standard issue vacation experience of the masses.

1) River Cruises. Embarking on European river cruises may be the most exciting way to experience Europe, one that is sure to show you a different side of its beautiful lands. Europe’s rivers wind through its most historically important locations. For thousands of years, Europe’s ancient and pre-modern people set up their civilizations alongside these waterways. Your European river cruise will take you past castles, ruins, historical forests and mountains, and through some of Europe’s oldest and grandest cities. Even if you’ve been to some of these places on foot, wheel, or rail, you surely haven’t seen them by water. Weave your way through Europe at a leisurely pace, with a European river cruise.

2) Bicycle Tours. One of the most affordable ways to navigate Europe is by bicycle. Using European bicycle guides, you’ll be able to chart for yourself a perfect course, one that fits your interests and skill level. Some will want to bike for long distances, camping along the ways. Others will want a more modest travel goal, biking by day and retiring in dedicated lodging spaces. Some people will want to stay to the countryside, while others will enjoy navigating through Europe’s many bike-friendly cities. One of the biggest costs of Europe is travel. By bike, you reduce that cost to near Zero.

3) Couch Surfing. The Couch Surfer’s Network is an amazing way to see Europe, or whatever continent you happen to be traveling in. Couch Surfers are friendly, interesting people, who offer a free place to stay to other people in the network. Long-time couch surfers have reputations and references built into the site, so you’ll know who you are staying with. Many couch surfer users find that staying with a local clues them into local attractions and points of interest much more than they would be able to find on their own.

Europe is large and diverse, and those who travel within it are equally unique. With so many people hoping to have a singular experience in Europe, there are many strategies to fit different types. But one or all of these can be relevant to just about any European traveler, from the foreigner experiencing it for the first time, to the long time resident hoping for a new perspective.