Fuerteventura holidays make a strong comeback!

Fuerteventura holidays make a strong comeback!

The dawn of 2011 saw online travel retailer lowcostholidays.com smash its total annual site visits by 108 per cent year on year.

Natural visits were also up by 143 per cent against 2010 giving lowcostholidays a big reason to look forward to a bumper year as more holidaymakers travel with this Hitwise top ten online travel provider. 

The success of 2010 also paved the way for destinations such as Sharm El Sheikh and the Spanish resort of Benidorm to dominate as the go-to holiday getaways for 2010. 

Another destination that also witnessed an upsurge in bookings was the Balearic Islands, including Ibiza and Majorca that saw an impressive 75 per cent growth in sales from the previous year. 

The winter chill had a big impact with many Britons continuing to escape to sunnier destinations such as the Canary Islands that boast endless white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. 

With year on year sales up 100 per cent, the Canary Islands proves to be in popular demand confirming that winter holidays continue to be a norm for many Britons.

With a massive 500 per cent growth, Holidays to Fuerteventura dominated with impressive year on year growth. 

Matt Hall, head of product at lowcostholidays, commented: “Fuerteventura holidays continue to rise in popularity.  With fantastic prices and a full range of stunning resorts to choose from, it’s no wonder that Fuerteventura holidays witnessed a massive spike in sales”.

External factors such as the volcanic eruption in Iceland in April 2010 didn’t stop holiday makers planning their European getaways with beach holidays leading the way and city breaks close behind. 

With impressive figures in sales and site visits, the lead up to Valentine’s Day and other holidays such as the Royal Wedding already show promise to see higher profits for lowcostholidays. With an extra bank holiday in place, many Britons are gearing up for weekend getaways to celebrate these big seasonal occasions. 

2011 has been a great start for lowcostholidays.com and shows promise for the rest of the year with accelerated sales and higher profit margins forecast. 

Despite tough competition in a price-sensitive market, lowcostholidays continues to be price-focused and stick to their key principles of providing great value for money and hold fast to the belief that now anyone really can go anywhere.