Family vacation -  Seychelles

Family vacation -  Seychelles

The Seychelles is not all about resorts and hotels, honeymooning couples and crystal blue water. It is also about culture and relaxing times with family friends.
How about booking your next family holiday to the Seychelles – a fresh and exciting destination for affordable family time?

Often the Seychelles is classified as the ideal resort holiday destination, but Seyvillas takes a different stand. Seyvillas focuses on additional accommodation options, including holiday homes and villas. Holidaymakers can now create their individual Seychelles experience according to individual needs.

The advantages of an individual holiday home are numerous. You are on your own schedule, time is yours to do what pleases you. Guests are able to live like locals – use the same shops and restaurants and meet people on the street –sharing the real life and culture of people of the Seychelles. The private sphere is highly regarded, with ample space between neighbouring villas and holiday homes.

Seyvillas is an accommodation website that offers a variety of different holiday homes and packages on the different islands that make up the Seychelles. People can filter the accommodation options by type, occupancy, price and board.

For example, the Villa Le Domaine de Bacova is located on Mahé and consists of two villas for four persons each, as well as a bungalow for two people. This is the perfect house for a family holiday in a beautiful destination with immediate access to breathtaking beaches.

(Photo: - Le Domaine de Bacova) 

If you are looking for a bigger place to invite your entire family, the beautiful “Hillcrest Villa” would probably meet your needs.  It is located in the north west of Mahé. Friends and family can spend a beautiful and relaxed holiday together in a calm atmosphere away from the busy resorts. You don’t even have to worry about cleaning the villa; all can be arranged as well as transport and transfers.

(Photo: – Hillcrest Villa)

The team at Seyvillas also assists with creating individual island-hoping schedules. Since the islands are all very different in geography, climate and culture, it is well worth it to see more than one island and experience the entire region.

Visiting to the Seychelles requires a bit more preparation than going to some other countries. The website gives you a whole lot of tips and tricks on what you need for travelling to the tropical parts of this world – health information, climate, geography, the country and its people, leisure time and must do’s. They also provide you with a very useful packing list. Preparation for a family holiday is a breeze with Seyvillas.