Explore Mallorca launches new travel and leisure magazine

Explore Mallorca launches new travel and leisure magazine

A new travel and leisure magazine is launching today on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca. Explore Mallorca is a 70-page, bi-monthly travel and leisure magazine which aims to inspire and inform Mallorca’s independent tourists. Published in English and German it is distributed freely throughout the island in selected hotels, agroturismos (rural hotels), tourist information centres, golf, yacht and beach clubs, restaurants and cafés.

A new wave of tourism is continuing to gain momentum in Mallorca. Sun, sea and sangria have long been the island’s tourist-appeal, and while it boasts predictably wonderful weather and the allure of two weeks of poolside relaxation, today independent travellers are arriving in ever greater numbers to experience its culture, World-class culinary experiences, rural pursuits and classic Mediterranean beauty. Explore Mallorca magazine has been created for this new era of Mallorca tourists and is set to become the must-have accompaniment for the island’s adventurous visitors.

Explore Mallorca certainly catches the eye. Its fresh style, high quality imagery and alluring headlines are appealing, and the content is no less impressive. Features such as the island’s Slow Food movement provide insight into centuries-old agricultural traditions and local specialties, while the Spotlight On Artà provides a guide-style introduction to one of the island’s ‘best-kept secrets’. A round-up of novels set in Mallorca, a mapped excursion through the mountains, five off-the-beaten-path swimming bays and a feature on Sóller’s Moors and Christians festival also make the cut in Issue 1. The content is rich and varied, and articles on scuba diving can be found alongside ‘The Art of Wine’, a piece on one of Mallorca’s top wineries. Hikes through the Tramuntana Mountains, a round-up of what’s on in May/June and interviews with local residents provide a combination of general interest, cultural immersion and practical how-to.

Mallorca receives over 10million tourists a year, an impressive figure for an island with a population of approximately one million. Of these, according to the Balearic Islands Tourism Agency, approximately 34% travelled independently in 2012, and even greater numbers are venturing off the beaten paths to explore Mallorca’s lively fiestas, traditional way of life, thrill-seeking activities and strong culinary heritage. Indeed, almost 30% of the total tourist expenditure is on activities and restaurants. Explore Mallorca will certainly be a welcome addition to Mallorca’s tourism scene, and provides an excellent platform to be able to inform and inspire visitors.