Exciting Tour To The Arctic Region

Exciting Tour To The Arctic Region

Tourists are often surprised and even afraid when travel agency offers them making a trip to the Arctic. Only a little number of people can tell they have already been to this fascinating region. Arctic cruises have become available for everyone only a few years ago. All the thrill-seekers strive to make a journey to the Arctic Region, the uncharted and impressive territory. Lots of the travellers are willing to open new horizons, change their worldview, see white bears and cross the freezing Arctic waters. Nowadays, people from all around the world are able to make a journey to the Arctic Region.


Extreme Tour To The North Pole
It is possible to get to the North Pole travelling across the ocean on the board of Icebreaker ship, flying a helicopter, skiing or dog sledding. If you have decided to make a journey to the Arctic, it’s suggested to plan your arctic expedition during the spring-summer period. The expedition usually includes such regions as Greenland, Spitzbergen and Frantz Josef Land.
A journey on the board of Icebreaker ship will help you experience the whole range of emotions and see the power of nature. Going on a cruise, you will see a great number of fascinating places. Riding a motor boat for getting the better look, you will be able to meet the population of white bears, sea cows, Arctic birds. Tourists also get a chance to stand at the bottom of the Arctic where you can leave the special letter in a time capsule for the next generations. On the way back, the ship goes through Frantz Josef Land Archipelago where the tourists may observe items left from the camps of the first arctic explorers, see breathtaking icebergs, seal rookery and colonies of birds.

Going on the tour, travellers can:
● explore the Northwest coast where you can enjoy lots of picturesque views, see the icebergs and explore wildlife;
● take a look at incredible Greenland icebergs and glaciers;
● go kayaking enjoying the breathtaking views of the Arctic Region;
● see lots of wild animals – deer, seals, whales and sea cows;
● go canoeing along icebergs;
● make lots of awesome photos and videos;
● see white bears in their natural habitat.

Travellers may also explore the coastline going canoeing, while thrill-seekers can visit the virgin territory which makes an impression on every person who has even seen its beauty. Spitzbergen is a perfect place for making incredible photos of wild animals and spectacular Arctic views.
Travelers have an opportunity to repeat the Amundsen’s route going skiing or dog sledding. However it is worth remembering the fact such expedition requires physical fitness: you will be on your feet from 8 to 10 hours a day pushing 20-30 kg sleds.