European City Breaks by Train – and Not the Usual Suspects!

European City Breaks by Train – and Not the Usual Suspects!

Taking a city break, to enjoy a couple of days of sightseeing and relaxation in an exciting setting, has long been a popular way to spend the weekend. And what finer way to travel than by train?

Of course, you might be put off by the fact that most of the train deals seem to go to the same old places that you’ve already been to a few times. Fear not, however; there are new city breaks by train that are guaranteed to yield up some unique memories.

City Breaks to Avignon
Instead of doing the same old thing in Paris, why not take the train for a city break in Avignon? Famed for its Papal Palace, Avignon is one of the most beautiful locations in the south of France.

Located on the River Rhone, the city is surrounded by perfectly intact stone walls. The palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the world’s largest Gothic palace, too. If you take a walk along the city walls, you’ll be able to visit a few museums along the way.

City Breaks to Lille
If you’re in search of a cultural overload, the city of Lille is the one for you to visit. It enjoys a truly unique cultural mix of Flemish, Burgundian, French, Dutch, German and Spanish influences.

It makes for a suitable city break as it is located only two hours away from London. There are three very accomplished museums, incredible Flemish cuisine and stunning architecture.

City Breaks to Delft
Instead of squeezing past the hordes of tourists that flock every year to Amsterdam, consider visiting the home of the Dutch Royal Family in Delft. It’s a much prettier city than Amsterdam can claim to be.

Delft is very, very easy to get around. Nearly all the sights are within walking distance of one another. Delft is also in a prime location for tourists, as other Dutch attractions are placed quite close by.

City Breaks to Lucerne
The Swiss city of Lucerne is an ideal destination if you and your partner want to stroll around a beautiful lake while taking in the sights, enjoying the timbered houses and Medieval architecture.

The museums and art galleries will definitely keep you busy over the weekend. If you’ve had your share of the local culture however, you can always visit Mount Pilatus, a 2,100m tall mountain that overlooks Lake Lucerne.