Driving Better Revenue for One Million Rooms

Driving Better Revenue for One Million Rooms

Powered by SAS®, IDeaS Revenue Solutions’ global presence expands as leading technologies surpass one million hotel rooms priced daily

MINNEAPOLIS—IDeaS Revenue Solutions, the leading provider of pricing and revenue management software, services and consulting, today proudly announced it has reached yet another milestone as the company’s leading solutions now generate pricing decisions for more than one million rooms—up to 42 million times daily—for hoteliers in nearly 100 countries around the world.

A true global leader in the hospitality technology category, IDeaS has leveraged its 25 years of industry experience to expand into even more areas around the world, with more than 300 employees globally. Adoption also continues to rise, with an install base of more than 6,000 hotel properties now using an IDeaS solution, plus an impressive ongoing client retention rate of 95 percent.

“We’re intensely proud of this accomplishment—it means our solutions are leading the industry, making a difference for hoteliers and creating new revenue opportunities in more places than ever before,” said Dr. Ravi Mehrotra, president and co-founder for IDeaS. “Pricing one million rooms is just the beginning, and we’re eager for another year of advancements.”

The announcement caps an unprecedented year of innovation and expansion for the company with the introduction of five new products or solutions—many of which were first to market:

-IDeaS Mobile RMS, the world’s first mobile app for making time-sensitive revenue decisions on the go.

-IDeaS Revenue Performance Insights™ (RPI), a highly visual, dynamic reporting and business intelligence software that greatly enhances a hotelier’s ability to report, analyze and act on performance data.

-IDeaS Reputation Pricing Module for IDeaS RMS, another industry first that allows hotels to use their current online reputations as a criterion for making pricing decisions.

-IDeaS G3 Revenue Management System, making the most scientifically advanced forecasting, modeling, pricing and transactional data capabilities to date available to hoteliers around the world.

-IDeaS Function Space Revenue Management, the industry’s first solution for optimizing function space that will move revenue management beyond rooms alone.

“Every once in a while it’s necessary to step back and look at the magnitude of an accomplishment, and today is one of those days,” said Sanjay Nagalia, chief operating officer for IDeaS. “2015 will be an incredible time of growth and we’re proud to be leading the industry.”

About IDeaS
With more than one million rooms priced daily on its advanced systems, IDeaS Revenue Solutions leads the industry with the latest pricing and revenue management software, services and consulting. Powered by SAS® and more than 25 years of experience, IDeaS proudly supports more than 6,000 clients in 94 countries and is relentless about providing hoteliers more insightful ways to manage the data behind hotel pricing.

IDeaS empowers hoteliers to build and maintain revenue management cultures—from single properties to world-renowned estate hotels—by focusing on a simple promise: Driving Better Revenue.

IDeaS has the knowledge, expertise and maturity to build upon proven revenue management principles with next-generation analytics for more user-friendly, insightful and profitable revenue opportunities—not just for rooms, but across the entire hotel enterprise.

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