Do’s and dont’s in visiting the holy land, Israel

Do’s and dont’s in visiting the holy land, Israel

Each country has their own rules that are acknowledged and followed by the local people. These rules and laws preserve their traditions, cultures, beliefs and social peace. One of these countries is Israel. As a Holy Land, Israel promises a lot of great places, from cultural heritage to religious heritage. As a tourist, one must learn the do’s and don’ts when visiting Israel.


1. Do learn a little of the local language.
Learn how to say the local greetings, at the very least. Through this, you can connect to the local people easier and faster. Building a good relationship with them is also a good way of learning more about the country’s culture. As much as possible, avoid language barrier. Instead of saying hello, you can greet the local people with Shalom. 

2. Do dress appropriately. 
Israel has many holy places that need to be regarded with utmost respect and solemnity.  Wearing proper attire must be observed strictly.  If you wish to visit those beautiful places, then might as well dress modestly.  It also serves a form of respect to the locals and their culture.

3. Do communicate with them properly.
Israelis are known as direct and honest people in a discourse.  They express what is on their minds without hesitation.  In communicating with the Israelis, it is admirable if you talk to them in an open and honest manner.  They also like to have a direct eye and physical contact.

4. Do inquire about a lot of things. 
When going to Israel, curiosity is a must.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Explore a lot of things.  People in Israel take pride in talking about their culture to tourists.  It is also a good way to build a good relationship with the local people. 


1. Don’t smoke on Saturdays. 
It is a general knowledge that smoking is bad for the health.  In Israel, you don’t only observe the “No Smoking in Public Places” posts but you also have to observe the no smoking policy on Saturdays.  Saturday is a holy day for Israelis since it is their Shabbat day.  This is just one of the few things you need to be aware of when you go to Israel.

2. Do not joke around with bombs and weapons. 
This will surely freak everyone in the area, and you will surely end up in jail or back to your own country straight away.  Well, you don’t want to be sent back home without enjoying the beautiful scenery, right?

3. Do not bring things that are too much to carry. 
To enjoy Israel is the main goal here. We don’t want you running and chasing rides with those heavy things.  Make sure to bring only the things that you will need during the day trip. 

4. Don’t settle with few places. 
Don’t just settle for the 5-star restaurants or the already famous places.  Enjoy walking or driving to local areas and discover the local sightseeing spots and food by yourself.  If you plan to save money and enjoy a great travel experience, explore the actual places where local people flock.
More and more people are booking Tel Aviv Flights. And more and more people have to be aware of the handy dos and don’ts that can surely save them from trouble and help them make the most out of their trip.