Does the victor app have a place in the private jet charter market?

Does the victor app have a place in the private jet charter market?

Victor, an online service for private jet charters, has recently launched a mobile application service with the same name. The app promises to revolutionize the private jet market with real time charter pricing and instant booking, aircraft and crew detailing and aircraft comparisons.

But does it actually work or compare to going directly to Private Jet Charter companies?.

Is the private jet market ready for instant booking?

Clive Jackson, the owner of the Victor company, ensures the application is a transparent, faster and efficient medium for hiring a private plane. It aims to do this by replacing the role of brokers and personal assistants and taking out the extra fees of booking agencies.

While it can be a useful application, the private jet market might not be ready for the technology, as shown by the fact that Victor isn’t the first to create this kind of app, such as Beacon and PrivateFly. None have yet conquered the market using their version of the instant booking app.

The private jet charter market is still a fairly unregulated one, where numerous factors come to play from flight operators to the brokers. While the booking process for any flight takes time, the real questions regarding apps is whether they are saving enough time while getting the same results.

Clive Jackson also means to target the empty leg market, having a list of empty seats on flights for customers to purchase. However, the changeability of these kinds of booking and presenting the best offers may not be something the apps can keep up with. It is however an area that charter companies excel in.

Victor App offers a less personal service for a fixed 10% charge

The “Uber” of private flying firstly promises a transparent service where the margin of their services is fully disclosed at a fixed 10 percent. This fee is low because of the limited human service required to arrange their flights.

The app can provide customers a great amount of information regarding the flight, quote and even tail number of the plane at an earlier stage. However, unlike a private jet charter company, there isn’t the personal interaction with expert staff who can advise on the best aircraft for your needs and budget, while searching out the best live flights.

Even without an app, many charter companies, like Bespoke Air Charter, give customers the best of both worlds. They offer online services where consumers have the possibility to search for flights and quotes on their own while also providing a personal assistance service when is comes down to bookings and advice.

Private charter companies work with a reliable network of planes and crews

The instant booking of the Victor App is a promising selling point but might not be feasible at the moment. Part of the reason why is that issues arise relating to ownership of the private planes. As many charter operators are composed of planes they simply manage on behalf of their owners and thus require their approval, compared to agencies address who either use their own fleets or have an established, reliable network.

While instant booking apps certainly have their place in the future of private jet chartering, with the increasing use of mobiles by users, its success can only be determined in time. Likely, it may land somewhere between interesting once in a while use and added option for those who wish to avoid a phone call.