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Countries that every coffee lover should visit

Countries that every coffee lover should visit

If you love coffee, you must have some distinct opinions about the places that serve the best coffee in your area. When traveling, you need to know where to get the best quality brew. However, if a whole city provides high quality coffee, enthusiasts would be in heaven.

As a coffee lover, you should visit the best coffee cities of the world. Here are the best destinations that you should visit:

Rome, Italy
Although Italy is known for its quality food, it is also the prime destination for coffee lovers. The city of Rome is filled with cafes that keep the city on its toes. The coffee brewers in Italy take their jobs seriously, meaning that you will rarely come across a watered-down cup.

Italians usually enjoy some mildly sweetened, black coffee. Therefore, if you enjoy a no-frills, full-flavored brew, you will be in good company when you visit Rome, Italy.

Havana, Cuba
If you are planning to visit Cuba, you will see that the country offers a slew of sweet and strong coffee drinks. The most common drink of choice in Havana is an Espresso. You can get this drink as a Café Cubano, which is an espresso shot that is brewed with sugar. Although Cuban coffee is an acquired taste, you will learn to like it if you are a coffee lover.

Melbourne, Australia
You will not only find vegemite sandwiches in Australia – the country also has good things brewing when it comes to coffee. As the unofficial coffee capital, the hip city of Melbourne is especially great for brew lovers. Café culture is strong in Melbourne and the vibe of coffee shops changes depending on where you are in this diverse neighborhood.

The one thing that unites all the coffeehouses is their focus on furthering community. You will always find long, shared tables in Melbourne’s coffee shops so that customers can sip on their brew while enjoying each other’s company. Visit Captains of Industry café to get the best of what the city has to offer.

Istanbul, Turkey
They do not serve the typical American-style coffee cup in Istanbul. They have dark, rich, and tasty Turkish coffee thanks to their unique brewing method. The baristas grind their beans into a fine powder and boil the coffee in a cezve – a specially designed coffee vessel. This results in a thick, full-bodied cup of coffee that will certainly jolt you awake.

You should just make sure that you do not take the last sip of your coffee because a few grinds will collect at the bottom of the cup. If you like sipping coffee while enjoying a nice view, visit Galata Konak Café. Its terrace is located on the top of a historic building allowing you to have the best views: Golden Horn, Galata Tower, and Bosphorus.

Vienna, Austria
The culture of cafés is a point of pride in Vienna. In fact, UNESCO listed the coffee shops in the city as “intangible heritage”. The stylish Viennese decks outside the cafes with inspired finishes and furnishings make them ideal for relaxing and drinking an afternoon coffee. You can people watch while sipping on an espresso, mélange, or a milk froth concoction.

Sao Paulo, Brazi
When you consider that Brazil is responsible for producing 40 percent of the world’s coffee, you should already have it on your list of dream locations. Sao Paulo has a passion for coffee that matches its people’s energy and enthusiasm.

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