Convenient Traveling with Otentik Sunshade

Convenient Traveling with Otentik Sunshade

Are you the kind of traveller who enjoys the outdoors more than the city life? Do you prefer camping rather than staying at hotels? If you are not that kind of traveller, are you willing to try adventure travel for once in your life? haven’t tried adventure travel, you should try it at least once in your life. Adventure travel is good for you. It makes you independent, strong, and resourceful.

Adventure travel requires a lot of skills to survive the outdoors. You need to be resourceful, independent, strategic, and always ready for whatever might possibly happen during your adventure. You acquire these skills over time and experience.

One of the most important skills that an adventure travel needs to have is the ability to pack light. When it comes to packing light, it means that an adventure traveller needs to be able to pack as little as he/she can bring to the trip but being able to pack all the important things that you are going to need for the trip just like tents, sleeping bags, portable burners, etc. Since packing light is essential, bringing travel stuff that dual purposes are more convenient to bring just like sleeping bags that can be turned into pillows or microfiber towels that easily dry and can be used as blankets.
Otentik Sunshade is an example of a perfect travel companion that has more than one purpose. It can be used as a beach tent, beach sun shade, or a beach canopy. It is made of sturdy materials that make it a good investment for travelling. It is easy to setup and also disassemble without the hassles of removing sand or letting it dry before packing it up again.

Product Information
Size: Small (can fit 2), Original (can fit 4), Big (can fit 6)
Tent: made of “EuroJersey Sensitive” Fabric, a high-end elastic microfabric that allows Otentik products to last longer and complies with strict standards for sun blocking
Poles: made of collapsible aluminium poles that have a soft round tip to prevent damage on the beach tent and make setting up more convenient
Anchors: It uses sand bags as anchors making the tent easy to set up
Ropes: coated with UP protection and are 4 millimetres thick

Key Features
- Air Circulation
- Quick Drying
- Sun Block
- Extra Fine
- Wind Resistance
- Sand Repellant
- Easy Care
- Wrinkle Free
- Eco-friendly
- Sandbags

Are you ready to conquer the world with your next adventure? You should take a risk and face your fears. You will get good things out of it and being able to survive even just one adventure trip will be a lifelong achievement for travel.