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Church in Bulgaria became a mosque and a church again

Church in Bulgaria became a mosque and a church again

The unique history of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church amazes tourists from around the world. The church is entirely built of stone. It is located in the village of Uzundzhovo, Haskovo Municipality and is a famous tourist destination.

It is part of a tour of the project “Development of regional tourist product: Haskovo - Dimitrovgrad - Stambolovo”, financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the state budget of the Republic of Bulgaria. Church “Assumption of Virgin Mary” is the largest village church in Bulgaria. It amazingly combines elements of Christianity and Islam. It is built as a Christian church, in 1593, and was destroyed by the Ottoman Empire. In its place a mosque was built - part of a huge, resembling a Kervansarays fortress by the chroniclers which main entrance is preserved to this day. In the early 20th century Turkey returned the property to Bulgaria and then the reconstruction of the mosque into a church again began. In 2007 the church was rebuilt mainly by Haskovo Municipality. The restoration found two medieval inscription in Arabic with religious and philosophical themes that have not yet been accurately dated. all icons and frescoes were renovated.

Master Darin Bozhkov from Tryavna threaded new iconostasis, which in size is among the three most impressive in Bulgaria. Windows are placed exquisite stained glass depicting scenes from the life of the Mother of God. In the past century, the church “Assumption of Virgin Mary” in the village of Uzundzhovo is declared a monument of culture.

The proximity of the church to the regional and municipal center Haskovo allows visits by many tourists. The town is located only 220 away from the capital of Bulgaria Sofia. A cozy hospitable hotels and restaurants in the area are a guarantee for a wonderful stay in this beautiful part of the south-eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula.