Britain’s love of gambling

Britain’s love of gambling

This post is brought to you in association with Titanbet Casino -  Where are the best places in the UK for gambling? Here we will offer some insight of those wondering where to head for the best gambling experience the country can offer.

The UK’s top gamblers are apparently found in Liverpool, London and Manchester - gamblers from these areas showed the biggest winnings relative to the size of bets placed in these areas. There’s certainly a thriving casino scene in places such as Manchester and London. Venues such as the London Hippodrome offer busy poker lounges in a glamorous atmosphere, and there are a large number of venues to choose from across the UK.

Visitors to the UK often concentrate on visiting London, but those who are keen to try some of the casino nightlife might enjoy a visit to the UK’s other lively cities which offer thriving gambling scenes, including Birmingham and Manchester. These cities offer perhaps the biggest concentrations of casinos outside London, making them a good choice for a gambling break. These and other major cities such as Liverpool offer plenty of attractions for both day and night as well as a vibrant gambling scene for visitors to enjoy.

Horse racing’s enduring appeal
Horse racing is favoured by around 16% of the population when it comes to laying bets, and it’s the Grand National that really get peoples’ hearts racing. Watched by an astonishing half a billion people worldwide, over £350 million in bets is staked on this one race every single year. The race, held in the Liverpool area, is by far and away the most popular gambling event in the UK’s calendar and its popularity seems to have enduring appeal. Other popular race events in the UK include Royal Ascot and the Cheltenham festival, which offer betting opportunities as well as a fun day out.

Each year over 150,000 race-goers flock to Aintree near Liverpool for the three day Grand National race meeting, which includes music from local acts. The crowd of race attendees is outnumbered many times by the numbers watching at home from the UK and abroad but the atmosphere for those attending the race is unbeatable.

It’s especially impressive that the Grand National horse race event has so much enduring appeal to UK and worldwide audiences when you consider the popularity of more modern forms of gambling, such as online betting. It seems punters understand that you need to attend event like this to really enjoy them at their best. It’s the reason the race meetings draw such huge crowds, and why casinos remain popular venues in many cities across the UK.

Titanbet Casino has identified the huge scale of UK gambling participation, with the revelation that 78% of UK adults are involved in some form of gambling. No wonder then that the UK’s destination cities are keen to offer gambling as part of their package of attractions for both domestic and international tourists. With major cities like Liverpool and Manchester able to offer year-round gambling, it seems it isn’t just the race meetings that can cater to the popularity of gambling in the UK.