Breaking Travel News interview: Samuel Nitz, product manager, Illusions Online

Breaking Travel News interview: Samuel Nitz, product manager, Illusions Online

In its constant effort to maintain its award winning standards, Illusions Online has appointed a new product manager.

Based in the UK, Samuel Nitz will be the bridge between clients and the company, allowing Illusions users to feel the complete and dedicated support of the company.

In his role, Nitz will also help clients to better understand and utilise the Illusions travel technology being used to run day-to-day business.

He has been in the travel industry since 1999 and brings extensive knowledge of the travel technology to Illusions Online.

Here Sam takes times to discuss his background, position and ambitions for Illusions with Breaking Travel News.

Breaking Travel News: What is your background in the travel industry?

Samuel Nitz: Well, I have worked in the travel industry since 1999; I worked for six years for a tour operator in the UK.

Then I worked for Illusions Online when they were in London for four years before they moved to Dubai; after that I worked for a travel technology company and now I’m back with Illusions Online.

So I’ve been in the travel industry for the last 14 years, always based in the UK.

BTN: You have a lot of experience in the travel technology field, in your opinion what makes Illusions Online different?

SN: Illusions Online is a dynamic company, where problems always find solution.

They do what they need to do and sometimes a little more and it makes a difference.

Their unique location also makes them different; Dubai is a very active city at the crossroad of Europe and Asia and it is a strategic location that only Illusions Online seems to have thought about.

With its important traffic and growing market the UAE is one of the best locations a travel technology company can think of.

BTN: What is your role at Illusions Online?

SN: I am a product manager, in simple words I am the intermediary between the clients and the developers.

My role is to make sure that the clients are satisfied with the Illusions product; I also have to gather information from our clients all over the world in order to improve the system they use.

We want our customer to feel at ease while using Illusions software, so we have to make sure that it is flexible enough.

I will be travelling to see our client to understand their businesses and how we can align our product roadmap to help them meet their aspirations.

BTN: About Illusions technology, what in your opinion makes it unique?

SN: Illusions Online provides a product that can be used by different companies regardless of their size; from our OnDemand option to our Enterprise options - we provide solutions for all sizes of business.

The Illusions World Travel eXchange concept is also an aspect that is revolutionary; our clients, while using it, can cross-sell their inventory through this marketplace without even knowing each other in person.

BTN: What is the major thing you would like to accomplish here at Illusions Online?

SN: I would like to reconfirm that Illusions Online is the leading travel solution in the world.

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There is more information on Illusions Online – which is considered Asia’s Leading Travel Technology Provider by the World Travel Awards - on the official website.