Bergans of Norway expands UK market presence with innovative new range

Bergans of Norway expands UK market presence with innovative new range

As pioneers of the first anatomical rucksack in 1908, supplier to the first successful conqueror of the South Pole, Roald Amundsen, in 1911 and supplier to Mount Everest pioneer sir Edmund Hillary in 1953, it is suffice to say that mountain, ski and country brand Bergans of Norway is something of a success story.

Conceived in 1908 by Ole Ferdinand Bergan - inventor of the first anatomical rucksack - Bergans of Norway has since focused on and been characterised by innovation.

As the undisputed market leader in Norway, and a household name for the traditional outdoor enthusiasts that Norwegians are, Bergans of Norway is now pioneering the expansion of the brand within the UK market.

Having started out as a rucksack manufacturer over 100 years ago with the first anatomical carrying frames, Bergans of Norway now also produces a wide range of performance clothing and equipment for mountain, ski and outdoor pursuits.

Products incorporate style with technical functionality, with innovation still remaining paramount - hence the brand’s slogan: ‘Forever Pioneers’.

Bergans of Norway’s clothing range for Autumn/Winter 2012-2013 is dominated by performance designs and smart fabrics for discerning winter sports fans and outdoor enthusiasts alike. 

The range includes technical ski jackets and pants, mountain and hiking jackets and pants, fleeces, baselayers, tees and shirts. 

Many jackets in the range use Dermizax (including the Kollen Jacket and Glittertind Jacket), a waterproof and durable hydrophilic material that possesses an excellent stretch element for supreme comfort, and doubled perspiration wicking capability for active wearers.

Down products are also at the heart of the collection (Kollen Down Jacket), with a number of products (Osen Down Wool Jacket) featuring a hybrid of down and wool for supreme warmth.

From left to right: Bergan Kollen Down Jacket, Bergan Osen Wool Jacket, and the Bergan Sauda Down Jacket

Wool products also feature heavily in the collection (Bergflette Jacket, Humle Jacket), with Bergans of Norway pioneering the innovative Tecnowool - a mix of traditional organic wool with modern textile materials for warmer wool that still keeps its classic appearance.

Bergans of Norway also produce a collection of ‘green’ clothing for country pursuits, produced in nature’s own colours and using waterproof, windproof and breathable fabrics.

Bergans of Norway is also traditionally involved in the equipping of expeditions.

The discovery and exploration of the Polar Regions was always of great interest in Norway; Roald Amundsen travelled with Bergans of Norway equipment, and Mount Everest pioneer Sir Edmund Hillary used the Bergans of Norway carrying frame for transporting oxygen bottles. 

The brand continue to supply modern explorers, including sponsored explorer Cecilie Skog who is the only woman to have reached the Three Poles – the North Pole, the South Pole and Mount Everest - as well as reaching the top of the highest mountain on each continent (the Seven Summits).

In January 2010, Cecilie also finished the first unassisted and unsupported crossing of Antarctica ever.

The new 2012 slogan ‘Forever Pioneers’ highlights the long and proud tradition of the brand and a continued dedication to innovative developments.

The combination of innovative spirit and being a continued supplier to the world’s top adventurers guarantees that Bergans of Norway are committed to supplying the optimal product for each outdoor, ski and country enthusiast for their own explorations.

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