Bargain Holidays - What to Watch Out For to Ensure You Get The Best Deal

Bargain Holidays - What to Watch Out For to Ensure You Get The Best Deal

This post was written in partnership with Flybe:

We all want an amazing holiday at the lowest price possible, whether you are planning a three-day city break or a two-week ultra all inclusive luxury beach getaway, you’re sure to want to get the best deal out there. Here are some tried and tested tips that will help you look out for the best deals on your next holiday.

Booking early vs. booking late
It is important to note that the complex algorithms the airlines use for their pricing strata are always changing, and therefore no one can give you rock solid advice on this topic – not even the airline employees themselves! That said, there are a few tips and things to remember that may help you to save money by booking flights at the right time.

Big airlines like Lufthansa, British Airways, Alitalia, etc., tend to put their flights on sale 330 days before departure, but the biggest savings can often be found between three and five months in advance. Book too early and you’ll get an undiscounted rate; book too late and you may get in when demand has shot up and the prices have readjusted. While many airlines do offer the occasional last minute sales, these are rare and thus unpredictable.

Be flexible
Smaller airlines and package tours (due to a set inventory) are more likely to drop their prices as the departure date gets closer, as long as the route isn’t experiencing a surge in popularity owing to a special event or holiday. If you elect to go with this last minute option, you’re going to need to be flexible! When you finally book Turkey might be sold out, but I hear Crete is nice this time of year!

Sign up for deal sites
Deal sites such as Secret Escapes, Amazon Local and Travelzoo offer bundled holiday packages at deep discounts. By combining their buying power with existing sales, they can often offer you all-inclusive vacations and city breaks at over 50% off the price you could get by booking separately.

Hotel loyalty clubs
Do you find yourself staying at a particular chain of hotel time and time again because you like its features, price point and décor? Consider signing up for their loyalty scheme – many hotels offer this membership for free, and it can guarantees you discounts and booking incentives unavailable to the general public. Here is a convenient guide to the different hotel loyalty programmes out there.

Smaller airlines and regional carriers
When it comes to booking your flights, always make sure you are on the lookout for local airlines (like Flybe, if you’re in the UK) or regional carriers in your destination. Budget airlines tend to fly from secondary airports near big cities at a fraction of the price.

With these tips you can get well on your way to booking a bargain holiday that doesn’t skimp out on any of the luxury and amenities that you are craving. Good luck, and happy travels!