Avoid harsh baggage charges by taking the bare minimum on holiday

Avoid harsh baggage charges by taking the bare minimum on holiday

The summer holiday season is almost upon us. If you are planning a summer getaway, whether it is a weekend city break, a week on a tropical beach or a month’s jaunt around some far-off place, you may run the risk of coming across extra charges for your baggage.  The rising price of fuel means that many airlines are now charging extra for heavier bags, as more weight on the plane equals more fuel needed. Many low cost airlines entice customers with low flight prices making that summer holiday seem that bit more affordable, but the trend for charging extra for baggage is fast spreading. To make sure your flight costs exactly what you planned it would and your holiday gets off to a smooth start, try the following tips for packing light to avoid those harsh baggage costs.

Wear your heavy stuff!
Depending on where you are holidaying, your baggage allowance will change, and the kind of baggage you need to take with you will change to. If you’re off to sunnier climes then hopefully you won’t need to many warm clothes, but to maximise your luggage space its best to wear the one jumper and coat you should take – or just opt for light suitcases.

Pack a capsule wardrobe
A beach holiday is a breeze to pack for with this summer’s hottest trends. We all tend to wear less on a beach holiday; skimpy dresses, shorts and itsy-bitsy bikinis. A good way to take the bare minimum with you is to create a capsule wardrobe. Not something from a sci-fi movie, but a carefully selected collection of clothes which are versatile, low maintenance and have interchangeable pieces, which you can mix, and match. This way you will need to take fewer items with you.

Bold blocky colours also make mix and match packing a breeze. Simple T-shirts matched with coloured jeans or denim skirts are right on trend, giving plenty of options for differing combinations. Add a selection of cheap bikinis to your collection of scarves and accessories and you are set for day or night. Do make sure that you have at least one well cut swimsuit if you think you might indulge in any vigorous sports such as diving or wake boarding.

Remember that holidays are about good times and happy memories so they present the perfect opportunity to try out something you wouldn’t dare wear usually. 2012 fashion trends are matched perfectly with holidaying in exotic locations. Capri pants, skirts and t-shirts in pastel colours are right on trend and perfect for showing off your new tan Finally, good packing can make a big difference, rolling your clothes and beach towels is a good technique to save space meaning you can take a smaller suitcase, or even a rucksack. Remember that the weight of your bag itself is counted, and don’t forget to check the weight of your luggage before you set off for the airport.