Avanti Travelcare releases 5 top tips to help elderly residents stay cool during hot weather

Avanti Travelcare releases 5 top tips to help elderly residents stay cool during hot weather

The summer is set to heat up in the coming week, with temperatures forecasted to exceed 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) in many parts of the country.
At time of writing, the Met Office has release a ‘level 3’ heatwave alert, which warns that the young, the elderly and people with chronic or long-term medical conditions may be at risk of developing health problems if exposed to the heat for long periods of time.

Glen Smith from Avanti Travelcare, a company which specialises in travel insurance for the elderly, has provided 5 tips that the UK’s elderly residents can use to keep cool this summer.

1. If it’s hotter outside than it is inside, then keep your windows closed. “Many of us are tempted to open the shutters to let the breeze in, but doing so will only increase the indoor temperature,” explains Glen.

2. Shelter rooms from excessive sunlight by using shade or reflective material outside glass windows.

3. Carry water at all times, especially when outdoors between the hours of 11am and 3pm or if travelling by public transport. “Many of us aren’t aware that we’re dehydrated until our symptoms become quite severe, so it’s important to make sure you have access to fluids wherever you are,” says Glen.

4. Eat normally. “Even if you don’t feel hungry in the heat, your body needs fuel to replace the salt it’s lost from sweating,” Glen explains. “Fruit and salads have the added bonus of containing lots of water, so stock up on these to ensure you stay hydrated.”

5. Look after your neighbours. “Check in on your elderly neighbours regularly to make sure they’re comfortable and coping well in the heat,” advises Glen. “Many at-risk elderly residents may be isolated from their communities and may not be aware of the precautionary steps they can take to keep cool in the summer, so it’s vital that they are educated and supported by others if they are to avoid health complications.”

Established in 1996, Avanti Travelcare is a leading UK-based travel insurance provider. The company specialises in comprehensive yet low cost travel insurance for the elderly. Providing all kinds of insurance packages, from European travel insurance to worldwide cover, Avanti offers policies with no upper age limits and customers with all kinds of pre-existing medical conditions are considered.


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