Australian Leisure Lifestyle

Australian Leisure Lifestyle

Ever wondered how Australians kick back and enjoy life? In a country as diverse as Australia, it is not hard to find a way to enjoy one’s leisure time. Australians are known as people who like to eat well, drink well and party well. Here are some classic leisure pastimes that Australians love.

Love Gambling
It is common knowledge that Australians love to gamble, whether it’s on sports events such as the AFL, cricket, rugby or league, or gambling online or at a brick-and-mortar casino. The top Australian online casinos like offer a fantastic selection of online games, including all of the hugely popular online slots games.  There are also land-based casinos in all the major cities of Australia. The major casinos include Crown in Melbourne and The Star in Sydney where you will find hundreds of different slot machines, table games, and a poker room in one convenient location. Both Australian-based casinos offer so much more than just gambling and accommodation. They are home to fantastic restaurants and the hottest nightclubs every night of the week.

Love Traveling the Outback
Most Aussies live in coastal areas on the east and west coast due to the fact that the center of Australia known as the Outback is dry and hot with large areas of desert. The Ghan is an incredible train journey that takes you through the heart of Australia from Adelaide through Alice Springs before finally reaching Darwin. The trip is about 2980 kilometres in total and it takes a bit over two days.

Love Surfing
Bondi Beach on the Gold Coast and dozens of other fantastic surfer beaches that grace the Australian coastline have helped develop a surf culture that is synonymous with Australians. Based on this culture an entire entertainment sub culture has developed and there are hundreds of beach cafes, beach pubs, beach parties and clubs along the hottest and most popular coast lines. It would not be rare to find a night club full of Australians in board shorts and flip flops dancing the night away.

Love Partying & Culture
There is no denying the fact that Australians certainly like to have a good time, and if it’s musicals and theatre experiences you’d rather, you can also experience those too. The biggest musicals have hit Australian shores, and there has also been many big concert productions, ranging from classical operas to electronic music festivals. There is always something on weekends for you to do when you get out and about. A common hangout spot is the local pub serving pub grub and a range of quality craft beers where inevitably many people gather to have a cold beer or two watching their favourite sporting teams go at it every week.