APP-solutely money in las vegas

APP-solutely money in las vegas

Whether visiting Las Vegas for the entertainment, food, gaming, or to spend time with family and friends, Travel Vegas has it covered with the latest version of their new app, (TravelVegas 2.0) now available in the App Store for iPhone and iPad users this November, 2012.

The app’s developer, Brendon Schenecker commented on the official launch. “We could not think of a better time than now to unveil the updated ‘secret weapon’ for Vegas travelers.” The CEO of his appropriately named company, Travel Vegas was referring to the correlation between the app’s launch and the recent release of the iPad Mini and iPhone 5.

Considering the popularity of the first version, the secret is out. TravelVegas is currently the most downloaded Vegas app worldwide and is available for free in the App Store. Customers enjoy deals on hotels, discounts on shows, and even credits at the casino. Version 2.0 is also free and features HD videos and updated bargains that are available instantaneously.

“That’s the biggest difference between our app and other products. Deals are much faster and easier to access. We are really at a point where people will not need a stack of coupon books to get around and save a buck,” discussed Schenecker.

TravelVegas 2.0 literally puts the city at people’s fingertips. Hotels can be booked from home or while standing in the lobby. Show tickets can be reserved while walking the strip or sitting in a coffee shop. Food discounts can be accessed while waiting for the check.

“With version 2.0 we took into account everything that people loved from our first app and enhanced it. We made it better and easier to use,” Schenecker commented.

Founded in 2011 in Pittsburgh, PA., Travel Vegas is becoming the leading on-line source for travelers to access the best available rates on hotels, travel, entertainment, and dining when visiting Las Vegas. is specifically designed around making the Vegas experience more enjoyable and less expensive. The app is a way of making the technology mobile so that customers are able to mold their Vegas experience at a moments notice and enjoy the city for less.