Amazing Thailand Amazing Luxury Experience

Amazing Thailand Amazing Luxury Experience

Through out the years, The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has been promoting Amazing Thailand campaign making Thailand one of the top tourists’ destinations for all travel purposes. With this continuous success, TAT would like to present a new aspect to experiencing Thailand. Thailand Super Quality (TSQ) website is launched to promote the most premium luxury way for you to experience Thailand.

Thailand Super Quality (TSQ) is your online portal to luxury tourism products and services in the country. TSQ will help you to seamlessly plan and tailor your dream luxury vacation in the Kingdom. The website links you to Thailand’s high end accommodations from 5 stars hotel in the heart of Bangkok to exclusive natural getaway in the southern islands. To ensure to you travel in most comfortable luxurious style, exclusive limousines, private jets, yacht and premium car rental services can be reached through TSQ.

During your stay, ensure that you not only live well but eat well. Enjoy fine dining with TSQ lists of top notch restaurants in the destination you visit. Whether it be Thai and Oriental fusion menu on the beach of Puket or Exotic Japanese style delicacy in Bangkok.

Thai massage is well known throughout the world making Thailand spa services one of the most refined. So when planning your trip, keep in mind to pamper yourself. TSQ has gathered exclusive list of premium spas with well trained therapists, latest spa technologies and well thought out wellness programs that will uplift you spiritually.

Your visit would not be complete without shopping experience. You can check out the top ends local and international shops enlisted on TSQ. Remind yourself of the beautify memory in Thailand with high end craftsmanship jewelry, house decorations, furniture or souvenirs from these shops.

For gentleman look to enjoy golfing on your vacation or business trip, Thailand has been positioning itself as one of the luxury golf destinations. Guaranteeing this position, Thailand has hosted golf tournaments with international well known players participating. Therefore, with TSQ, you can find professional golf courses through out the Kingdom. Combine your golf activities with luxurious vacation in the famous upscale beach destination of Hua Hin, or take your golfing to upcountry mountains in Chaing Mai. And if time is a constraint, you can always play in Kanchanaburi or Pattaya golf courses, which is just a breath away from Bangkok.

Let Thailand Super Quality website be your friendly guarantor and assistance in making your dream luxury vacation come true. Select, plan and cater each of Thailand premium products and services to your heart’s desire.