AlbaTravel’s NetStorming selects Triometric’s API analytics platform to optimise performance

AlbaTravel’s NetStorming selects Triometric’s API analytics platform to optimise performance

Triometric, the leading provider of real-time XML performance monitoring and business intelligence to the online travel industry, announced today that NetStorming, the Italian travel technology specialist, has selected Triometric for operational performance monitoring and XML analytics as part of its strategy to deliver continued high quality customer service at a time of exceptional search traffic growth. After a rigorous and successful evaluation period, NetStorming is deploying Triometric to boost its performance monitoring and business intelligence capabilities.

Worldwide Hotel Link logoThe company is using the platform to monitor its own web services infrastructure and to deliver XML API business intelligence to Worldwide Hotel Link (WHL), an Italian accommodation wholesaler serving the European market. Both companies are part of the Albatravel Group, the European leader in the B2B online travel booking market. NetStorming provides a range of web engineering and IT services to members of the AlbaTravel Group such as WHL as well as other travel providers and prides itself in leveraging proven innovative technology to remain competitive.

Search requests, replies and booking traffic flowing through a network of APIs shared with trading partners is the lifeblood of today’s travel industry. Like other online travel providers, NetStorming and its customers are experiencing significant rise in API traffic and the need to be able to better monitor and analyse it.

In this highly competitive environment, where speed and uptime is critical to success, NetStorming is using Triometric to monitor key operational metrics such as response times, timeouts and errors to ensure its web services and technical environment run optimally for its clients. Through proactive monitoring, NetStorming’s IT specialists are immediately alerted to any degradations of service, exceeding key indicator thresholds, or message errors enabling them to take immediate corrective action.

Additionally, the platform is used to analyse XML message streams that help customers such as WHL get deep insights into their business operations such as demand for inventory and capacity to deliver. A key feature of the analysis is to be able to quickly assess business performance across customers, channels and destinations and to be able to compare and contrast between different time periods.  “When distributing accommodation to tour operators and travel companies, being able to respond speedily, accurately and relevantly to inventory demand is essential to profitability.” Said Matteo Giacomazzi, CTO of NetStorming.

We welcome NetStorming’s selection of Triometric’s proven analytics platform in order to gain the real-time intelligence they need to optimise their web services performance while also managing suppliers and inventory planning with live performance data” said Matthew Goulden, CEO at Triometric.  “We look forward to continuing to work with them to ensure their operations run smoothly and their clients get actionable insights from their XML data.”