Accommodation options for the Olympics 2012

Accommodation options for the Olympics 2012

If you’ve battled through the ballot to get your tickets, the last thing you want to worry about is spending ages researching where to stay in London. From hospitable hotels to charming campsites, here’s a run-down of the available options to help you in the decision-making process:


For a straight-forward, no nonsense option, hotels are probably going to be your best bet. There’s a huge range of reputable London hotels to choose from, and you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for. From chic boutiques to cheaper chains, there are hotels to suit every taste and budget. Booking a room at a hotel will give you the peace of mind of a clean, tidy room, leaving you free to concentrate on getting out there and enjoying the events.

VisitBritain, an organisation that promotes tourism in the UK, claims that the number of available hotel rooms will increase by 12 per cent in time for the Olympics. That’s an increase of over 13,000 rooms, taking the total to 123,000. extract 1


Hostels can conjure up the image of dirty digs full of encrusted travellers, where the chance of getting a good night’s sleep is about as remote as the chance of London staying sunny for the whole summer. However, the truth is that there are numerous respectable hostels that can offer quality accommodation for visitors on a budget. You can use directory sites such as the Youth Hostel Association to search through a variety of available rooms.


If you’re literally looking for a home away from home, landlords have made countless properties available for short-term lets during the period of the games. This option may require a little more legwork, and will involve dealing with agencies or private parties, but you could end up with a gem at an affordable price.


Camping is not an option that may immediately spring to mind, but there are a few initiatives that have made huge spaces available for camping during the Olympics. These sites will have proper amenities, a wonderful community spirit, and, most importantly, may get you closer to the action than any other type of accommodation. Camp in London has several options to choose from, including luxury, pre-erected and pitch-your-own. There are even mini-festivals and shows organised on-site for those days when you don’t want to see any Olympic events.