A unique cooperation of COMARCH and SAS

A unique cooperation of COMARCH and SAS

Comarch is proud to announce the inauguration of the extensive cooperation with the Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) - a highly acclaimed airline and a member of a prestigious Star Alliance, that provides flights to 119 destinations in Europe, USA and Asia.

It is a ground-braking partnership since our company will be implementing a brand new and innovative product package that will include Comarch Loyalty Management platform along with the ECM Customer Care. Our CLM solution will upgrade the entire loyalty proposition of the carrier including their program “EuroBonus” designed for the individual customers as well as “SAS Cargo” and “SAS Credits” tailored for the corporates and SMEs, while the Customer Care component will administer and automate customer service. This smartly compatible arrangement is a result of the joint efforts of the two departments of our Services sector and is a representation of our approach of infusing businesses with cutting-edge and practical solutions that give an advantage on the competitive airline market.

Comarch Loyalty Management is a comprehensive, customizable and modular platform that offers a full spectrum of easily adaptable tools indispensable not only to create superior loyalty program for airlines but also to secure its effective management. We are proud of the fact that for SAS we are not only a technology provider, but we also actively participate in the process of forming a new face of its frequent flyer program enriched with an advanced gamification functionality. 

The last years have shown that Comarch, with its flagship software Comarch Loyalty Management more boldly enters the mature markets. Scandinavia is a very tight market and one of the most demanding areas, so the opinion of a reliable supplier of IT services is not only a matter of a good quality product, but also a matter of trust. This contract is extremely valuable for us, as SAS is a member of the prestigious Star Alliance - says Arkadiusz Młyniec, Business Solution Manager, CRM, Marketing & Loyalty.

Comarch ECM Customer Care offers comprehensive and robust mechanisms that enable smooth handling of the customer requests, ensures proactive customer support and multichannel communication. It covers assistance on each stage of the customer’s journey from resolving complaints to activating services and confirming of compensation payments etc. It is especially valuable in the industries where excellent and agile customer service is a decisive factor in their success.

Customer care SAS project opens the door to a stronger expansion among other airlines, as well as customers for whom the effectiveness of core business is heavily dependent on the level of customer satisfaction- David Sękowski, Commercial Director at Comarch.

Since these combined solutions create a modern and comprehensive suite that meets the needs of the global airlines in an effective and competent manner and consolidates all of the customer related processes in the hands of one professional, choosing Comarch’s set of CLM and ECM Customer Care has and abundance of benefits for SAS.

For our company, on the other hand, it is a great stride not only in the aspect of the our internal cross-sectoral development but most importantly as a move towards broadening our business range, establishing ourselves in the Scandinavian market and potentially appealing to the new customers.