Stress-Free Packing for a Relaxed Holiday

Stress-Free Packing for a Relaxed Holiday

When you are heading off with your partner for a romantic relaxing holiday, the last thing you want is an argument about who forgot to pack the toothpaste. Follow these six tips to make sure your packing goes without a hitch and that you reach your destination with everything you need for a perfect holiday

1. Preparation Is Key
Good preparation is vital for successful holiday packing. You don’t want to be running around at the last moment, throwing items randomly into your suitcase while cursing your good fortune that you ever even considered booking a holiday. No, a holiday is a wonderful thing and the lead-up to it should be filled with excited anticipation. So start early, plan ahead and make your holiday packing fun. 

2. It’s all in the List
In the weeks and days leading up to your break, start a list and add items to it as you go along. That way you can make any necessary purchases ahead of time. Then gradually gather everything, working from the list, in the couple of days before you leave. There are even guidance holiday packing lists available on the internet, to use as a framework and to which you can then add your own personal items.

3. Know How Much You Can Take
Before you even start your packing you should check what your luggage allowance is and weigh your suitcase regularly as you pack. There is nothing worse than getting to the airport and finding that you are way over your allowance. You will then be faced with the choice of either paying a hefty fee or deciding which items to leave behind. Throwing clothing in a haphazard way from your suitcase in the departure lounge is never a wise move, or a good look.

4. Less is More
One of the big dangers for any holiday is over-packing. You throw extra things into your suitcase to ward off the danger that you might be caught short. What this means though is that you usually return with a number of items, many of them heavy shoes, that you have actually never taken out of the suitcase. A better idea is to plan a number of outfits that you can wear on holiday and then have some variations on those themes. You can usually also launder items while you are away if necessary, and so there shouldn’t be any danger that you will run out of things to wear.

5. Holiday Plans
A big consideration will also be the weather at your destination. If you are packing for warmer climes it is obviously easier than having to take cold-weather clothing or rain gear. A further consideration though should be what type of activities you want to undertake while you are away. There are the usual items like swimming costumes, but what if it is more of a sporty holiday or you will be doing a lot of walking. In these situations obviously suitable clothing and comfortable footwear are going to be all important.

6. Packing Techniques
How you place your items into your suitcase can have a big impact on how much space you have. A great tip is to roll your clothes, not only does this save much more space than you would expect, but your clothes also arrive at their destination crease free. With things like toiletries, towels and hairdryers etc., always check what is available at your hotel before you travel. Particularly at all-inclusive resorts, such as Couples Resorts in Jamaica, there is usually a wide range of home comforts available for your use.

It’s the day of your holiday and everything is now checked off your packing list and all necessary items are in your suitcase. You glance at the clock and there is still plenty of time before the taxi arrives to take you to the airport, enough time for a cup of tea and a short rest. Now that’s a stress-free start to a holiday.