5 tips to save money when travelling in Greece

5 tips to save money when travelling in Greece

Greece is a beautiful country with breathtaking islands and rich culture. Numerous people traverse land and sea to visit Greece and see the amazing sceneries that the country has to offer. More than 30 million tourists have visited Greece this year alone. Santorini, one of Greece’s exquisite islands, boasts of the highest share of visitors – around 10% of the country’s tourists. Travelling to this amazing European destination isn’t as costly as you’d expect. In fact, you can easily plan a Greece holiday getaway without having to destroy your budget. Most of your budget is actually spent on flight tickets, but there are several hacks you can implement to ensure you get the best deal.

Here are 5 ways you can save money for your Greece trip:

1. Choose the cheapest flight
As you plan for your Greece excursion, remember to look around for inexpensive flight options. Normally, third-party ticket booking websites and some airline sites tend to increase their flights just before you submit your payment info. Flight costs tend to vary throughout the day. As you compare flights online, it’s advisable to first delete your browser history and your cookies. Next, use ‘incognito’ tabs instead of the ordinary tabs if you’re using Chrome. You could also use Google flights to compare flight prices.

2. Book ahead and book wisely
Before booking a hotel, make sure you pick a small villa that’s independently owned rather than a large chain resort. The former tend to be more affordable. You’re also encouraged to book your choice hotel eight months or more in advance – most Greek properties provide exquisite discounts for early bookings.

3. Limit your stopovers
So you’re finally going to Greece! That’s the good news. However, your tight budget will probably limit you from visiting as many places as you’d like. Before you start city-hopping and run out of cash, pick out the most interesting places that you’d like to visit. Try minimizing the cost of internal airfare and ferry rides when in Greece. Minimizing your overall destinations will help you save hundreds of dollars.

4. Avoid expensive excursions
Many tourists usually end up spending hundreds of dollars on adventures and excursions thinking that these costly expeditions will enrich their tour. However, this isn’t always the case. Rather than spending too much money on unnecessary jaunts, consider other inexpensive options that could spark your interest. If you’re a history buff, try touring museums and historical sites around Greece. The Acropolis of Athens and the Ancient Epidaurus are two excellent historical monuments you could travel to.

5. Look out for delightful ferry deals
Greece consists of hundreds of beautiful islands, most of which you’ll want to visit. The sheer grandeur of Mykonos and the sky-blue waters of the Corfu Island will do more than tickle your fancy. Luckily, you can get Hostelbay tickets for ferry deals between Greece’s islands. These tickets will allow you to travel from one island to another without disrupting your account. You’ll experience the freedom and bliss of travelling to all Greece islands.