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5 Tips to Planning a Wedding in Raleigh

5 Tips to Planning a Wedding in Raleigh

So now you’re wearing your engagement ring! It is time to proceed with the planning of the big day. Being engaged is both exhilarating and exciting at the same time. Planning a wedding entails decisions, lots of them from either the bride or groom or better yet, by both of them. Planning a wedding in Raleigh may start from choosing what season it should be done because there are four here; winter, spring, summer or fall. All the other wedding details to plan follow such as the venue, wardrobe, photography, food, etc. Read on for tips which may help you as you go along planning your wedding in Raleigh.

1.  Budget
For a couple planning a wedding, this is the first and foremost thing to consider. Who will foot the bill? It is becoming customary these days that the couple picks up the bill. But it is still a good idea to talk about whether the parents of the bride or the groom will lend a hand for the wedding bills. Lucky is the couple who have both sets of parents backing up with the wedding expenses. With the financials ironed out, the nitty-gritty details come next.

2.  Venue
In Raleigh, you can have any wedding venue of our choice. Of course, depending on the budget and the weather, Raleigh has everything you are looking for in a venue. There are hotels, barns, and inns, museums and open-spaces in Raleigh fit and perfect for your wedding and reception venue. Choosing a wedding venue which can also serve as your reception venue can give you additional savings. A winter wedding can also add to your savings for other expenses because many wedding venues offer reduced pricing during the winter months.

3.  Food
Your choice of food for the wedding is also very important. Some say the food is one of the things that your guests will probably remember most about the wedding so better make it remarkable. Raleigh is considered one of the “Hottest Food Cities” therefore it is no problem to find a place or services to cater to your wedding guests’ sumptuous palate.

4.  Photography
Photography during weddings nowadays is a big chunk of the wedding expense. Capturing your once-in-a-lifetime moments with your one love and your loved ones are essential to you, so you only book the best wedding photographers in town. Raleigh Wedding Photography is not only known locally but internationally as well. Raleigh professional wedding photographers have been winning awards locally and rank well in the list of wedding photographers in the world. Check out samples of their work and be amazed at their unique and artistic style in wedding photography.

5.  Trimmings
Flowers and decorations also play a big part in making a wedding unique and special. Some couples spend a lot of money on wedding flowers. Others make use of the natural beauty of the place. Flowers are seasonal, so if you stick with flowers which are in season, you may be able to save for other wedding expenses. If there are other decorations such as holiday decorations in your venue, you only need some flowers to
accent and make it distinctly yours.

You can now breeze through your wedding planning in Raleigh knowing that everything you wish and hope for in food, places, photography services, etc. for your wedding day can be found here and you need not go far.