4 Miami Beach Hotels Debuting in 2015

4 Miami Beach Hotels Debuting in 2015

Traveling to Miami Beach and looking for a swanky place to stay?

Then you’re all ready to hear about the some of the poshest hotels Miami Beach has to offer—and may still have the smell of fresh paint. Here are four hotels either opening in 2015 or coming from some major renovations that you may want to check out.

But first, make sure you grab a reasonable flight. Flights to Miami Beach can be quite reasonable if you do your research before booking. Keep in mind that comparing prices will help you save a ton of money. Also, take a look at some things to do and the best places to eat while you’re at it, to find the best deals for the dates you’ll be in town.

Now, on to the new—or newly remodeled—hotels in Miami Beach. These hotels offer some of the best views in Miami Beach and can put you close to shopping, nightlife, and other touristy things you may want to enjoy.

Hotel Croydon
Hotel Croydon enjoyed a recent remodeling it, which technically qualifies it for the new hotels list. It doesn’t get too much more lush or plush than the historic property that is just a stone’s throw from Millionaire’s Row. If you don’t like the view of the rich and famous, set your sights on the breathtaking views of the ocean instead. The original designs date back to 1937, but the new updates bring the hotel well into the 21st century.

Metropolitan by COMO
The light flooding many of Metropolitan by COMO’s rooms gives you a feeling you want on vacation—utter freedom.  The spaces make the most of the Art Deco design. It’s a 4-star resort with a glimpse into the paradise that is Miami Beach that doesn’t quite seem real, because its picturesque scenes belong in the movies. If you want to see more art in action, the hotel is just steps away from the Bass Museum of Art.

The Miami Beach EDITION
Let’s just start by saying any hotel with “EDITION” in all capital leaders must mean some sort of luxurious business. The Miami Beach EDITION is no exception. The hotel features hundreds of rooms situated on a property of what looks like a tropical oasis. Newly redesigned and reimagined, the EDITION is designed to mimic a traditional resort—and it looks like it has achieved that goal. The hotel chain has hotels in London and Istanbul as well.

Thompson Miami Beach
This hotel is the newest addition to the Thompson Hotels family. Claiming a blend of 1940s Art Deco skyscraper with 1950s International Style glass and steel tower, the Thompson Miami Beach hotel electrifies the senses. You will appreciate how close you are to the beach and marvel at the onsite glimpse into nature. The 4-star hotel boasts nearly 400 rooms that feature amazing artwork.

These hotels will offer a fantastic trip in Miami Beach, creating a unique experience for you and your family to enjoy.