4 Best Beaches in the Boston Area

4 Best Beaches in the Boston Area

A traveler thinking of visiting Boston in the spring and summer seasons may only picture concrete sidewalks and tall buildings. But the city is also home to several nearby beaches that will give visitors the best of both worlds: a bustling city and a beautiful place to unwind and relax.
After you have selected an awesome place to stay in Boston, here are some beaches to choose from as well.

Revere Beach

The two-mile-long Revere Beach is about five miles north of Boston. It also holds some historic value as America’s first public beach, opened in 1896. For more than 100 years, residents and visitors have flocked to the shores, which through the years have featured amusement rides and other attractions.
Today, the quaint Revere Beach community hosts many area events such as 5K challenges, Easter egg hunts, and an annual sand sculpting festival. After the community digs out from under winter snowfall, spring and summer bring a ton of fun activities.

Castle Island and Pleasure Bay

Castle Island is a popular lure for both Bostonians and visitors. The island is in South Boston and houses Pleasure Bay and Fort Independence, combining a rich history and an area ripe for recreation.
Technically, the 22-acre Castle Island isn’t an island anymore because a narrow strip of land was built to connect it to the mainland in 1928. However, it’s more fun to still call it an island. Sunny Pleasure Bay is a great place for a walk, a hike, a swim, or a picnic with friends and family.

Constitution Beach

Constitution Beach is a wonderful place to take a dip during a hot summer. The manmade beach boasts lifeguards on duty and has several upgrades in recreation and entertainment for visitors and Boston residents to enjoy.
Those who don’t mind a bit of adventure in a new city can even take public transportation to Constitution Beach. There is a playground and playing fields for children to run in and art and sculpture for the adults. This beach is also a great place to go for a walk or a bike ride.
Enjoy the surf and the sand as if the city is hundreds of miles away instead of just a few blocks.

Wollaston Beach

For those who don’t mind venturing just outside the city, there are even more beach options. Find Wollaston Beach about 10 miles outside of Boston, a favorite spot for swimming, biking, and playing. Reach the site by car or via public transportation.
The 2.3-mile beach is also popular with joggers and cyclists. The beach is connected to Caddy Memorial Park and Moswetuset Hummock by Quincy Shore Drive.
Moswetuset Hummock is a treasure all its own with the 144-acre Squantum Marsh.
While you’re no doubt ready to explore all that the city of Boston has to offer, take some time to appreciate the city’s more natural side as well.