15 Reasons to Visit Palermo

15 Reasons to Visit Palermo

Palermo is a city with more than 2,700 years of history behind it.  From the time of its founding by the Phoenicians to the contemporary times as Italy’s Capital of Culture, Palermo takes pride in its culture of welcome.  The city’s ports have welcomed migrants providing them with a new home and a lot of opportunities. Palermo awaits to welcome you to enjoy its culture, explore its treasures, and immerse in its beauty.

Let us now explore the 15 best things to see in Palermo and the experiences await you in this marvelous, historic, and beautiful old city.

The Arab-Norman Palermo and the Cathedral Churches of Cefalù and Monreale are some of the must-visit places in Palermo.  It’s a series of 9 civic and religious churches and other structures that are all UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Here’s the list:

1.        Royal Palace/Palace of the Normans is the seat of the kings of Sicily.

2.        Palatine Chapel (Capella Palatina) was the royal chapel of the Norman kings

3.        La Zisa is a castle in western Palermo

4.        Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary is the Cathedral church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Palermo

5.        Church of Saint John of the Hermits (San Giovanni degli Eremiti), the Church of the Martorana, and the Church of Saint Cataldo

6.        The Admiral’s Bridge is a medieval bridge over the Oreto River

7.        The Duomo in Cefalu and in Monreale

Palermo offers a lot more to the visitor.  Our list of the best things to see in Palermo continues with more places and experiences for the traveler to experience.

8.        The Ballaro Market

It is the oldest food market in Palermo. There, you can find not only food but also vintage clothes, paintings, and sculptures on the market. While there, you can try the pastries of Palermo - the fruta Martorana, sfincia of San Giuseppe, and the Cassata.

9.        Quattro Canti

The Quattro Canti (Piazza Vigliena) is an octagonal piazza with four streets and four Baroque buildings on its sides.

10.      The Teatro Massimo Vittorio Emanuele

The Teatro is one of the largest and has the third biggest stage in Europe.  Witnessing a performance at the Teatro should be one of the must-do experiences in your list.

11.      The Orto Botanico

    The botanical garden sits on 30 acres.  It is also a research and educational institution of the University of Palermo.

12.      Capuchin Abbey and the Catacombs

    The catacombs offer you a unique but macabre spectacle.  You will see how the conservation status of these friars makes this place one of the most extraordinary places to visit.

13.      Archaeological Museum and Other Museums

    Palermo hosts 5 major museums.  These include the Museo Archeologico Regionale Antonio Salinas and Galleria Regionale della Sicilia Palazzo Abatellis. You can bring out the child in you at the International Museum of Puppets.
14.      Monte Pelligrino

You can go on a pilgrimage to the Shrine of Saint Rosalia, Palermo’s patron saint.  The shrine is interestingly built inside a cave.  The drive to the mountaintop provides a breathtaking view of the bay of Palermo.

15.      Beaches

Palermo’s 150-kilometer coastline offers pristine waters, beautiful landscapes, and cultural activities for you to enjoy. You can go take a dip at Mondello Beach or hop off to the neighboring isles.

Palermo is unquestionably one of the most beautiful cities in Italy.  You can do a lot of things there, visit many places, and indulge yourself in its food and culture. Finally, take tiny treasures with you when you go back home.  And, let the memories of this beautiful city stay in your heart.